What are additives and why should I use them?

What are additives and why should I use them?
Additives are additions, by using additives you reduce the chance of technical discomforts.
Easier said? Additives are vitamins for your car. Without additives it will get sick.

They ensure: 

  • Longer engine life
  • Less wear
  • Lower repair costs
  • Lower fuel and oil consumption
  • Lower emissions 

There are different types of additives: 

  • Oil additives
  • Petrol additives
  • Diesel additives
  • Cooling system additives

Additives can solve existing problems but they can also work preventively.
If you notice for example a reduced engine performance, a bad start, higher consumption or more smoke, the right additives can certainly help! 


  • Nowadays, every oil, petrol or diesel you buy also contains additives.
  • Every time you fill up, you put additives in your car.
    Modern fuels are indeed mixed with additives, for example to increase the knocking resistance of petrol or to make diesel less sensitive to temperatures below freezing point.

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Additives = Additions

Using the right additives prevents and reduces technical discomforts.
Additives are like vitamins for your car. Without vitamins, your vehicle becomes sick... So avoid it!

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