What do all those numbers on cans of oil really mean?

HELP... There are so many different types of oil on your webshop.
What do all those numbers on oil cans actually mean? 

It is often difficult for the non-expert to choose the right oil for the vehicle. 
We have an easy oil finder with which you can quickly find the right oil.
After entering the vehicle, type and model, you will receive an overview of every oil from our range that you can use in your vehicle.

We would also like to give you some explanation about oil. 

The basics: 

First of all, there are different viscosities: 

The first and most used classification, Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE
The viscosity is shown on the can of oil, indicated by 2 numbers
E.G.: 5W40, 10W40, 15W40,... 
What you need to know about this is that the higher the number, the thicker the oil will be.

  • The first number 5W40 is always the viscosity in a cold state.
    The lower this first number is, the thinner the oil is at cold temperatures. 
    At cold temperatures, the vehicle will therefore start more easily and smoothly.
  • What does the second number stand for? 5W40
    The second number stands for the viscosity when the oil is warm. 
    The higher this number is, the thicker the oil is and the better the engine will be lubricated

Then you also have a second classification, the American Petroleum Institute API.
This consists of 2 letters.
The first letter can be an S or a C: the S stands for petrol, the C for diesel. 
The second letter stands for the performance of the oil, these letters increase: the higher the second letter, the newer the oil. 

The third classification is 'Association of European Car Manufacturers' ACEA
This always consists of a letter and a number.
The letter: an A stands for petrol, a B for diesel. An E stands for diesel trucks or other transport vehicles. 
The numbers: 1 for petrol economy oil, 2 for normal/average oil and 3 for performance oil.
For example A1 is for a small petrol engine, A3 is for a performance petrol engine.

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