MisterOil innovates!


We are 2 years now...

Technology is changing rapidly and from experience we now also understand better what you expect or what your questions are about products, advice, etc.  

That is why Misteroil is innovating! 

We can already hear you thinking, what exactly is changing?

MisterOil has a completely new web shop!

  1. the website looks great!
    YES, really! Take a look!
  2. Very user-friendly
    Easier to use
    Updated FAQ where you can find a lot of answers to your questions
  3. Now it's even easier to find the right oil for your vehicle!
    • There is now an oil finder on our site with which you can quickly find the right products for your vehicle.
      This oil finder selects suitable products on the basis of the vehicle indicated by you.
      Everyone likes to compare price/quality, ...
      The offer in this oil finder is therefore not only from lubricants of one brand, but any suitable product from our full range. And oh yes, we have many brands ;)
    • Do you prefer to search using filters in order to find a suitable product?
      No worries, this is also possible!
  4. An even LARGER offer of lubricants, cleaning products, additives,...
  5. MisterOil will be blogging + becoming more active on social media : Facebook, Instagram.
    You will find videos/photos with tips, actions, give-aways on MisterOil's Facebook/Instagram.
    So don't foget to follow us ;)
    Do you have a specific topic you would like to read about on our blog, newsletter, Facebook, Instagram?
    et us know and maybe we will make a post about your topic! 

Oh yes, ...

What will remain the same?

  • The products sold by MisterOil still have the same, high quality.
    We only want the best for our customers. 
  • Our service, our team is still there with a smile to help you as best we can.
    Even if you don't see it through the chat, mobile phone, or mail the smile is always there! 

Questions, comments, tips,... don't hesitate and let us know!

MisterOil will assist you

to find the right lubricant easily !


Filter and customize your search results to find exactly what you want


Filter your search results to find the right additive for your vehicle

Business customer?

Purchase for professional use?


Each brand has his own strength

That is why MisterOil offers you a wide range of products and brands.
We guarantee everyone can find the right product adapted to their vehicules needs!

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Additives = Additions

Using the right additives prevents and reduces technical discomforts.
Additives are like vitamins for your car. Without vitamins, your vehicle becomes sick... So avoid it!

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