Spring is on its way! Time for some garden maintenance

The sun lights up the mornings, the temperatures are rising, the birds are singing and the garden is in bloom. The ideal time to bring your garden machines out of their deserved hibernation for a service.

Want to keep your lawnmower running smoothly for that perfect lawn? Get the ultimate power from your brushcutter to tackle those stubborn bushes once more? Lubricate the chain of your chainsaw or the blades of your hedge trimmer? MisterOil is the place to go!

Oil change :

Just like the engine of your car, you should change the oil of your lawnmower, garden tiller, chainsaw or brushcutter on time. This way you ensure that the engine runs smoothly and continues to deliver the optimal performance.

The Bardahl Starter Kit Lawnmowers (9355BE) 5W30 is the ideal starter kit for your 4-stroke garden machine! It contains 2 cans of 4T oil 5W30, 1 can of petrol stabiliser additive, 1 empty oil can for the used oil and 1 drain hose.

With Castrol Garden 2T and Castrol Garden 4T you increase the reliability of your garden machines.

Lubricate :

The moving parts of all cutting and trimming machines also need attention. With a good lubrication you reduce the consumption and ensure a good, long-lasting functioning.

Use the Bardahl Promo Pack Hedge Trimmer (9197BE) to clean and lubricate your hedge trimmer. Lubricate your chainsaw perfectly with our chainsaw oils.

Cleaning :

Remove dirt, protect against rust and loosen stuck parts with universal lubricating and cleaning sprays from WD40, Valvoline and Castrol.

And finally, clean your green fingers quickly with the Bardahl Hand Soap Cream Microbeads (4434V) or Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner!


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