Getting your motorbike ready

Hey biker, it's time to get your bike out of its winters sleep!

Do you recognise those mornings when a cup of coffee (or several?!) is really necessary after a hard night to make the day run as smoothly as possible?
Well, just like you, your bike can also suffer from start-up problems after that long winter sleep! No, coffee is not really the solution...
We like to help you to make sure that everything goes smoothly during that oh so wonderful first ride of the year!   
What do you need to think of?

Insurance :


Without insurance you are not allowed on the road! Check if your insurance is still valid after the long winter months.
Battery & fuel :
After a few months of not being used, your battery will be weak and run down slowly. No drop charger used? Don't forget to charge your battery and make sure you have enough fuel.
Ignition :
Clean the locks and ignition and spray them with contact spray before inserting the key. This will prevent dirt and dust particles from getting between the contacts of the lock.
Change your engine oil :
After a season of driving, your engine oil has become quite dirty. Before you hit the road, it's a good idea to change your engine oil.
We have carefully put together a range for you, in which you will find different types of engine oil, such as for 2T or 4T engines. 
Brakes :
Check the colour of the brake fluid, it has to be transparent! 
Also check the brake fluid reservoirs for humidity. You can recognise water in your brake fluid by moisture droplets in the connection hose between reservoir and brake cylinder, or on the inside of the reservoir cap. Is there more than a little water vapour or is the brake fluid no longer transparent? Replace it! You will find a list of the best quality brake fluids here.


TIP : Spray brake cleaner in the inlet before the first start, this prevents the battery from taking a unnecessary beating! Be careful, a very small amount is sufficient, you don't want to cause a fire!
Chain :
Dust is inevitable after a long time of inactivity, this also creeps in between the chain. Furthermore, the grease on the chain will have dried out, so be sure to lubricate the chain with one of our chain fluids.

Lighting :
It's also a good idea to check if your lights are still working properly.

Motorbike helmet + proper clothing!
Yes, a helmet is mandatory! For your concentration and safety, don't buy one that is too small or too big.
Now that you're going to check your helmet anyway, make sure there are no scratches on your visor.
Motul M1 Helmet And Visor Clean cleans the helmet & visor on the outside without leaving traces + the anti-insect effect provides a protective layer where insects cannot attach.
Motul M2 Helmet Interior Clean takes care of the inside of your helmet! The bactericidal detergent has been specially developed for helmet interiors, it refreshes the helmet, kills bacteria and removes unpleasant odours from the inner lining so you can wear the helmet with pleasure again.

Last but not least : Motul M4 Hands Clean
This hand cleaner dissolves grease, oil and hard dirt that is normally difficult to remove with a normal hand soap. The product can be used without water, super convenient on the road! The hand cleanser is also dermatologically tested, does not dry out the skin and is not harmful or aggressive to the skin. 

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